Who We Are

The Turquoise Paw supports paws, claws, and hooves. We believe EVERY animal should have a chance at love and life. Our mission is to help pets find their forever home, whether it is in a rescue or with their new family, by raising money through the purchase of our necklaces and bracelets. We've been working to protect and support rescue animals since 2010 - and we won't stop!

EVERY jewelry purchase you make with TTP helps protect rescue animals, from cats to dogs and beyond!

Pairing Pets with Wounded Veterans

It's no secret that a new furry friend can be amazing for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Whether our wounded warriors need a service dog to help with hearing loss, mobility issues, or post-traumatic responses or just want a companion to help improve their mental health in ways that a family member may not be able to, pets have the power to transform their lives.

Our passion is working directly with individuals & with support organizations to help pair pets with families, especially in the veteran community or active duty military members, that are looking for service dogs or a new friend to love!

  • The Turquoise Paw Bracelet

    This design is our favorite conservation bracelet! It's stylish, eco-friendly, and adjustable to fit many sizes!

    The best part is that each bracelet is a unique, one-of-a-kind design! They are made from molten stone, and every order helps pet rescues around the world.

  • The Paw Lover's Bracelet

    This beautiful bracelet speaks for itself! Each bracelet includes a photo and story of a rescued dog that your order helps to support.

  • Paws Forever Bracelet

    This quality cord bracelet is perfect for those who prefer a more rustic look and has an adjustable size so that it fits everyone! The best part is that the purchase of this conservation bracelet benefits non-profit animal rescues!

  • Man's Best Friend Bracelet

    Our Man's Best Friend Conservation Bracelet is similar to our Turquoise Paw bracelet! It's black in color, and has more of the unique stone feel and look. Each bracelet is one of a kind and every purchase generates donations for pet rescues!

  • Absolutely LOVE my Turquoise Paw Bracelet! It's bright, stylish, AND helped rescue animals! ❤ Is there anything better?

    - Tarah

  • Love this company! I ordered during the holiday season, and the customer service team stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend supporting this company! Great products, and helping animals ❤

    - Jennifer

  • My husband was thrilled when I gifted
    him the Man's Best Friend Bracelet! I got the Turquoise Paw Bracelet for
    myself and can dress it up or down. A great conversation piece, and I
    love telling those who ask about the great cause supported!

    - Jordan