About Us

Who We Are

Hi y'all! We're Jennifer and Tarah, two girls who were raised in the South with a passion for helping animals! Our inspiration is our rescue dogs, Harley and Minnie, who changed our lives in ways that we never could have imagined!

How We Began Creating Conservation Jewelry

In 2010, Jennifer rescued her dog, Harley, from a neglectful home. She was vomiting worms, and underweight.

That same year, Tarah found Minnie as a puppy at a truck stop. Covered in fleas and ticks, with sores on her head, and also underweight.

The amount of fulfillment that we experienced giving our own pups a safe & loving environment is one that simply can't be explained. After our experiences with our dogs being rescued, we decided we needed to do more for rescue animals - the Turquoise Paw was born!

Our Passion is Helping Wounded Veterans and the Veteran Community Right Here at Home

Military life demands a lot from its members & families, between moving so much & having to deal with hard situations that most will never have to get involved in because of our service men & women. Most people who join the US military do so because they want to make a positive contribution to society & transitioning out of active duty can be a tough task. You can never underestimate how much a pet can aid our nation's veterans' mental health by giving them a companion to love as they readjust to civilian life or continue to work through past traumas. No matter how many support organizations are available for our wounded warriors with post-traumatic stress disorder or how much a family member can support them, there is no replacement for the benefits that the unconditional love and support that a dog (or cat) can provide!

We love to work with charities & shelters to help pair emotional support and service dogs with vets & active military members. Whether they need a service dog to help with mobility issues, hearing loss, or other physical limitations or just need a new best friend to go through life with them, adopting a pet can transform the lives of both veterans and the pets!